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Established in 1983, we offer business owners and their families comprehensive wealth management plans through informed, financial and estate planning, and investment management.
We help all you implement strategies to get you to where you want to go, without the hassle of doing it alone and uninformed.

“You’ve Prepared The Money For Your Family… Have You Prepared Your Family For The Money?”

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What Makes Interact Financial Stand Out

An important part of wealth management planning is safeguarding assets against unforeseen and unexpected events. These catastrophic events can and do happen. If a financial crisis occurred in your world, could you recover? If the answer is no, you should consider what steps can be taken to protect you and your family and business. Think about your current age, health status, stage of your business, the current economy and government direction, and your drive and desire to rebuild. 

Our expertise focuses on helping business owners preserve key assets such as your home, your life and living benefits insurance, and your assets owned in your corporation and the value of your corporation to your financial and estate plan. Maximizing your wealth, guiding members of the business community through a valued planning experience. For us, this planning process is an ongoing and dynamic experience, not a static event that happens once and is filed away in a dark cabinet. 

Freelance, Fee-Based Financial Planning Excellence

Dan Anders CFP®, TEP

After losing my father in a fatal car accident at the age of 10, it is notable that I decided upon a career in the insurance and estate planning industry at the age of 25. I saw first-hand the struggles that inadequate planning can cause the family left behind.

Continually updating my expertise to include personal and corporate estate and succession planning, I focus on planning for business owners and their families.

I am a CFP®️ (Certified Financial Planner) and a designated TEP (Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner) through STEP Canada, and have been active in financial and estate planning since 1983. Using our proprietary
Wealth Protection Analysis™,
and a deep historical knowledge of the insurance and estate planning landscape in Canada, the services I provide are complete and inclusive of any concerns you may have.

The greatest gifts in life are family and now, grandchildren! When time permits, I enjoy golfing and our plentiful walks and hikes that the West Coast has to offer.

Our Focus

If we were to meet here three years from today, what has to have happened in order for you to feel happy with your progress?

If something happened to you, your family or your business that was unforeseeable, could you recover?

Do you ever wonder if your current wealth protection plan may not meet all of your needs?
Too much, too little, the right kind, properly focused and defined?
Upcoming changes that you need to aware of?
Would a complete and objective report be of value?

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Using a proprietary Wealth Protection Analysis™ and deep historical knowledge of Canada’s insurance and estate planning landscape since then (and before), the services Interact Financial strives to provide are complete and inclusive of any concerns you may have.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Dan has an excellent understanding of the estate planning process that combines both investments and insurance, which is paramount to build any comprehensive financial plan. He is very thorough in his due diligence process, and always puts client's interest first.


I have known Dan for 30 years, and have always know him to be conscientious and thorough when working for his clients. I believe Dan works very hard to find the best planning solutions available, and to present them in a manner which clients clearly understand.

TN, Investment Advisor

Dan uses a comprehensive process to assess wealth management and estate planning needs. His depth of knowledge and wealth of experience enable him to provide valuable, tax-saving advice. John Edwards - Branch Manager, National Bank Financial, Kelowna, B.C.

JE, Wealth Advisor

I met Dan over a decade ago when he came over to RBC. Dan was an innovator and he worked closely with his clients to protect and enhance their wealth. In my opinion, his acumen and approach are a refreshing change from what most advisors do. Passion and care are always at the forefront when Dan is involved. Anyone would be fortunate to be working with this professional.

JG, Insurance Planning Manager

I have known Dan for over 10 years and am thankful for his astute insights and advice that I have found to be very beneficial. he took the time and interest in understanding my needs, circumstances and preferences. Dan took the time to get a feeling for where I was at, and demonstrated his depth of knowledge and experience in developing my plan. He is professional, ethical and has my trust and respect.


I was referred to Dan and when I first inquired about #lifeinsurance, the first thing he said was “congratulations!” I didn’t really understand why but talking about something difficult was the first step in setting up a policy to help protect my family for the future. Dan’s professionalism and great deal of knowledge made the process of purchasing a policy comfortable and easy.

AS, Superintendent Ops

Dan has been my advisor ever since I arrived in Canada in 2009. Dan's knowledge and expertise is significant and he has advised me on numerous different strategies to financially protect and secure my family for the future. I can fully recommend Dan to anyone looking for advice.

SF, Partner & Founder

I worked with Dan when he was an Estate Planning Specialist, and I was a Will and Estate Planning Consultant with RBC Dominion Securities Group. As an estate planning lawyer, I found Dan to be extremely client focused, knowledgeable and personable. He was always looking for the best solution for his clients and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Dan as an insurance professional.

BM, Senior Lawyer

I have been a client of Dan for a few years now. As with all insurance professionals you hope you never really need them, but hope that they are by your side when you do. Dan has proven that when he is needed his is fully present and in your corner guiding you through what can be an overwhelming puzzle that is insurance. He is beyond a sales person but a true and authentic professional. I am happy to recommend his services and advise to all that would need it.

JP, Automotive Facilitator

I have known Dan professionally for more than a decade, and always found him to be well-skilled and respected for his excellent service and competent advice.

RK, Investment Advisor

Early this week Dan and I had our second meeting with my clients. I greatly appreciate and respect Dan's abilities as our in-house estate planner. Dan was able to untangle and assess the client's situation with a knowledgeable confidence that really resounded with the clients. I am delighted in the fact that this client was made to feel at ease and now more than ever depends on our services of estate and financial planning.

EP, Investment Advisor

I was very impressed by the concise manner in which you dealt with my estate planning. You were efficient, to the point, and very experienced in conducting your business. You were attentive to my concerns and addressed them in your recommendation. I was particularly impressed by the excellent sense of responsibility you demonstrated in the way you handled the higher amount of first year's insurance premium required. I am truly grateful for the work you have done in settling this manner.

VL, Client

Dan is creative and a well-educated Estate and Financial Planner. He is very productive, often handling multiple cases at once. We have found him to be an inspiring strategist, and his expertise in this area has helped our team move beyond sales to offer a deeper wealth management experience to our clients.

JR, Investment Advisor

Our team wholly embraces comprehensive wealth management through investment management, financial planning and estate planning. Dan’s expertise and experience with insurance is a great addition to our complete services offering with his risk management analysis. His services provide many opportunities that promotes growth within our business and encourages stability in relationships with our clientele. He is responsive, professional, and courteous in all client service he has undertaken on our behalf.

AT Certified Financial Planner

Dan did a great job with our clients. I really like Dan’s patient and thorough approach. We were in the room for 2.5 hours while going over every detail and question that our clients could possibly ask. The financial planning process made this decision “easy” for our clients. Every point came back to what the plan clearly laid out as a requirement for their goals. I really enjoy working this way, as I have for most of my career. It’s a pleasure to work with Dan through the planning process and deliver true value to our clients.

RH, Investment Counsellor